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John M. Gurgel
Career Coach, Transition Psychologist & Complexity Artist - "Blend of humor, philosophy, pragmatism & optimism"

  • JohnMG has multiple Rules-of-Thumb -- Models & Frameworks for accelerating the time to "next."
  • He has been professor, corporate trainer, writer, administrator and Senior Consultant for a web-based executive career services company.
  • JohnMG is dedicated to helping people explore meaningful work and successful retirement transitions through personal counseling and professional coaching.
  • Navigating-to-Next is a balance between: Pursuit of Happiness; the Happiness of Pursuit; Social Significance; and Legacy (reputation) -- HASL
  • This...
  • And that...
  • Specialties: • Messaging Infrastructure • Negotiating (FUDOUT) • Social Physics • Transition Psychology • Change Dynamics • OD Navigation • Virtual Coaching and Training • Higher Ed / Academia • Social Search Engine Optimization and Protection
  • Multiple DOMAIN sites: [1] [2] [3]
  • His master's degree incorporates 3 disciplines--counseling, training/teaching and administration. His doctoral work (ABD) is in cognitive psychology and administration.

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